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Leonard Orr 2019

Leonard Orr likes to stay home this year and foccus on his purification process with fire, water, earth and air and mind.

He practises, what he teaches.

 when I asked him what to tell people that are inquiring about him, how he is doing these days, 

his response: “Still immortal” In another conversation I asked him about the life urge, and he said: this is a stupid question – life just is. When I asked, and how is life, he said, getting better by the day!


Trainings at RBI

Heike Strombach


3 week professional Rebirthing breathwork training



9-day Rebirthing Breathwork Training



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Topics of the training:

  • The power of our thoughts – (self-importance / self-love – success – improved communication skills, technique of affirmations, mantra yoga-meaning and application, personal law, higher order in life, healing of unconscious death urge,     15 Biggis,  consultative conversations , clarification of objectives and achievement of objectives)


  • Professional success (money and prosperity, success and joy in your profession, advertising, clientele building and creation / cooperation / heal competition, dependency, rivalry )
  •  Healing the inner child
  • stress management
  • Physical immortality – complete health and well-being here and now


  • Element Air-conscious breathing, (Help with your own breathing process / Giving breathing sessions / Objectives and special features of the first 10 breathing sessions/ breath analysis / breath quality)


  • Element Earth     (clarify our relationship to eating, healthy living with exercise and good nutrition and regular fasting and silence)


  • Element Fire    Visionquest (- cleaning of our energy body, inner retreat and self-discovery, Panch Agni, fire ceremonies)


  • Element water (warm and cold water Rebirthing)


  • Love and relationshipsSinging and laughing

    Family constellation

    Love, sexuality, partnership

    healing presence

  • Study of spiritual texts (Bible, Shiva Purana, Bhagavat Gita et al.)Various spiritual healing procedures


The focus of our work is on

Conscious energy-breathing in individual sessions

Training of breathwork teachers based on Leonard Orr

 Training for specialists in pregnancy  and childbirth


More infos

Heike : + 49 – 2269- 528



In these trainings we use conscious energy breathing and spiritual purification with earth, fire, air and water – the physical aspects of the universal power – as well as the power of our thoughts to make our lives even more successful. Loving community supports our experience.









Contact: Heike  Strombach 


  +49   (0) 2269 528



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