Rebirthing 9-day Breathwork Training 

On the island of Samothraki, Greece



Rebirth International invites you to

the 2018
Rebirthers Convention
For Europe, Middle East and the Whole World
Tribute to Leonard Orr


9-day Rebirthing Breathwork Training 

Train with the Best international Rebirthing trainers

2 in one On the island of Samothraki, Greece
September 15th till 23rd 2018

Special guest Leonard Orr

The Rebirthers Convention for Europe, Middle East and the Whole World is open to all Breath workers, Rebirther and students of Rebirthing and Enlightenment and Healing from all around the world.
•Experienceunity and the power of Breath workers meeting together
•Experience fellowship, celebrate, have fun with your associates
•Meet and learn from some of the best healers of the world, so you can be One
• Learn to be financially successful Rebirther and to double your income
• Training for ONE Year Seminar leaders and organizers
• Create a beautiful union and future for RBI in each country

We will begin Saturday together with the9-day training group with a welcome, singing and introduction. The afternoon is dedicated to the exchange of Rebirthing sessions. Sunday will be a vision quest, spending a day with fire on the beach. We will create our program on Monday, while the training continues inits known format, which has proven worldwide success. The program, our meetings and topics for the following days will be decided upon by the participants. There always will be an exchange of sessions, panel discussion about the quality of Rebirthing in your country and the organization of RBI. Thursday we will again practice what weteach – possibly another day for vision quest.
The two groups will merge again on Friday. 
And of cause there will be time for satsang with Leonard. This event will be a tribute to Leonard Orr, who is dedicating his life to the joy of Immortal Life and its eternal pleasures.

If you have a special topic, you like to lecture on, let us know.
Offers of Rebirthers to be expanded :
Clientele Building and quality Rebirthing & Trauma healing through Rebirthing with Heike
Costs: 888,- plus accommodation (paid directly to hotels)
Tuition paid to Rebirthinternational, USA
Registration with the master Rebirthers: Katia Boustani,
Irene Baumann Jove, Heike Strombach or RebirthInternational or your organizer for your country.
In charge of arrangements for accommodation and location Joseph A.K.Pagkalinis 
We are excited to welcome you and celebrateLIFE together!

Rebirthing 9-day Breathwork Training 

Train with the Best international Rebirthing trainers
Aunique Experience
On the island of Samothraki, Greece

Saturday 15th till 23rd of September 2018

The training will be led by Katia Boustani, Irene Jove, Heike Strombach, Katka Cizkova & Ori Halevi

Special Guest: Leonard Orr
At the same time of the convention we will hold the world wide known 9-day Leonard Orr Rebirthing Training.
Come and train with the world best Rebirthing trainers.

Basictraining structure for all RBI trainings:
• Daily spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, and fire
• Highquality individual Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
• A mini"vision quest" Clearing of the emotional mind – identifying and transforming our limiting core beliefs
• The 8 Biggies of Human Trauma & the 8 Biggies of spiritual purification
•Body mastery Nutrition & fasting
• Training in prosperity consciousness, professional success, becoming self-employed – how to build a full clientele in 30 days
• Spiritual psychology and the manifestation process
• Wisdom from the Eastern Yogic Scriptures and Western Scriptures
• And more according to the needs and goals of the participants.
Trainings are led by RBI trainers. It starts early morning and includes evening seminars.Trainings are full time residential trainings.
Costs: 1008 Euros plus accommodation

The two groups will merge on Friday
Organizers are the Master Rebirthers or the person that you got the info from.
1008 Euros plus accommodation (paiddirectly to hotels)
Tuition paid to Rebirth international,USA
Registration with the master Rebirthers: Katia Boustani,
Irene Baumann Jove, Heike Strombach or Rebirth International or your organizer for your country.
In charge of arrangements for accommodation and location
Joseph A.K. Pagkalinis 
We are excited to welcome you and celebrate LIFE together!

HOW TO GET THERE  Ourlocal organizer Josef recommends for your arrival on the Island of Samothraki by boat

from Alexandroupolis to Samothraki (until end of April):

4.Here are the routes

Via Athens to Alexandroupolis, you might like to stay in a hotel in Rafina, 25 km from Athens by the sea for a night, from Athens to Alexandroupolisby plane. It's just an hour flight and it is most convenient. Flights from Athens to Alex should be in the morning so you be on time before the ship departs to Samothraki. 

We have the information that from this June the trains will be much better and more comfortable

for travellers because they have been privatized. Also, the travelling time from Athens to Alexandroupoli, will be much less (6-7hours) than it is now (10-11 hours). So, train trip is a good option in September.

Via Thessaloniki, to Alexandroupolis there will be a 4 1/2 hour bus trip from Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli and then a 2 and a half hour boat trip across to Samothraki . Best you coordinate all travel to arrive BEFORE the boat leaves. Otherwise you will have to stay in Alexandroupoil overnight. There fore flights IN to Thessaloniki are best arriving early morning.

Hereis the routes from Thessaloniki to Alexandroupolis

Via Istambul from Istambul to the port of Alex (distance is 304 km=3 1/2 hours) in a car.

There will be a new time tables !

In truth, simplicity and love
in Wahrheit, Einfachheit und Liebe
Om namaha Shivaiya

Trainings in Deutschland 2018

Oster-Training 30. 03. - 7.04 /
30.06 - 8.07. /   4. - 12.08. 2018

OYS   2018
 29. April

Slovakia  21. - 29. 07. 2018
Israel 13. - 22. April / 17. - 25 .August 2018
USA Mai / Juni 2018
Griechenland International Convention   15.  - 23. September  2018

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